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8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool - The bar duel on your own sofa.

Pool is a table sport that can be found in many bars and pubs. In the game, two players compete against each other to get the other number balls into the different pockets of the pool table with a white ball.

8 Ball Pool gives you the same gameplay experience for smartphones or tablets. You play on the go or in the comfort of your own home against other random players. You have to take turns trying to get the balls into the pockets of the respective table according to their numbers. The player who finally pockets the black eight wins the game. However, it is not only about fame and honor. Because it is also always played for coins. Before a game, both players pay their stake. The winner leaves the field with the pot at the end. The loser, on the other hand, loses.

As in real pool, you can cut the cue ball on your shots to give it a spin or perform a trick shot. With such risky maneuvers, you may be able to get out of difficult situations or hit other balls in such a way that they take other balls with them on their way into a pocket. However, if you are unlucky, you will put yourself in an even worse position. In the worst case, the white ball lands in such a way that your opponent only has to move it with a light flick to make it sink a ball. So there's always some risk involved when you try risky tricks in 8 Ball Pool.

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The thing with the right shot

In 8 Ball Pool, the mechanics of the game are much simpler than in real pool, but still, it's often not enough to just nudge the cue ball forward. You have to look carefully at where the next playable ball is and at what angle you should ideally hit it so that it rolls to where it is supposed to go. Fortunately, the game offers you some help.

If you tap the white ball and move your finger, you will be shown in which direction the ball would move. With this help line you can already roughly estimate where your next shot would go.

Advanced players can also change the point where your cue touches the white ball. This makes it possible to give the ball a spin in one direction, for example, to make it make a slight turn. However, such a shot can also backfire quickly if you don't know exactly what you're doing. It takes a lot of patience and practice to get your balls rolling perfectly in 8 Ball Pool.

But if you manage to beat your opponents, you'll be rewarded with the clinking coins. With these you can, for example, unlock new tables or give your pool cue an individual design.

If collecting coins through casual games is too slow for you, you can also turn your attention to the big pot of competitions. When you compete in a tournament, you face other tournament participants in single elimination duels. If you manage to eliminate them one by one, you can enjoy the main prize of thousands of coins. However, the dream can end sooner than you think if you take your eyes off the ball in 8 Ball Pool.

What do players think about 8 Ball Pool?

Many users like the quick and easy entry into the game. Because you don't have to be a professional player to achieve your first successes. Thanks to the simple controls, a good sense of proportion is enough to send your first balls into the pockets. With a bit of luck, you'll soon manage to win a match for yourself and further develop your talents.

Nevertheless, players complain that there are too few game modes overall. You can only compete against one other player. A mode such as a trick shot game would have been a good fit for 8 Ball Pool. Also, many users mention that there is no balancing. The individual skills are not taken into account when searching for opponents.

8 Ball Pool is well suited for short pool rounds in between. However, the game leaves a lot to be desired in terms of long-term motivation. A bit more content would have done the game good.

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Résumé des notes de 8 Ball Pool
Graphiques / Son
Utilisation / Gameplay
Note Globale
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Avantages / Désavantages
  • Simple game mechanics 
  • Fast rounds 
  • Custom designs for your cue and table 
  • Little variety 
  • No enemy balancing 
  • No crossplay between different platforms 
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