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Skype pour iPhone

Skype for iPhone

Skype pour iPhone


1. use of the app

The Skype app for iOS devices is initially designed for conversations. Users can get in touch with their contacts through video and audio calls. From anywhere in the world. The app is particularly useful

  • in the school sector,
  • in the university sector,
  • for meetings and conferences in the professional environment (independent of industry),
  • for the private sphere, to talk with friends or family

No matter where they are. Whether overseas or on the same street. With Skype, it no longer matters where the contacts are currently located.

Special situations and circumstances in life can prevent people from meeting in person. Whether it is distance, an illness, or financial reasons. With Skype, these obstacles can be overcome. So you bring the contacts to you: with the iPhone or iPad. When and where you want: on the couch, on the road or other places. And best of all, you can talk to several people at the same time and exchange information.

And if you don't want to communicate with your contacts verbally or via video, there's always the convenient chat function. In addition to texts, the user can also send pictures, emojis, videos and more.

2. most important functions

The main features of Skype's iOS app include video calls as well as audio calls. Phone calls can also be made to mobile and landlines. IP telephony allows the user to save on the expensive phone charges. This is especially interesting for calls to the USA, Russia, Africa, Asia, Australia. Where otherwise high costs are incurred, Skype ultimately charges only a small fraction.

In addition to video and audio calls, the user can also send voice messages to other Skype users, send them photos and videos. A chat function is also available. Emojis can be integrated here, as is the case with many other messenger services.

The number of participants for group calls and group videos is limited to 50. Group chats, on the other hand, are available for up to 300 participants. This makes Skype easy to use for homeschooling, video conferencing in businesses, or eLearning in universities. In addition, games and schedules can be included, and add-ins that provide additional help with organization. So working and chatting at the same time are not necessarily opposites. Rather, they complement each other through Skype.

Finally, those who still value individuality can freely personalize functions according to their wishes.

3. rating

Use Skype as an app, for mobile devices with iOS operating system. Many situations require permanent accessibility. And ideally, the available means for this should be easily accessible and as inexpensive as possible. Skype for iOS offers these advantages. Because the app is free of charge. For phone calls, however, the so-called Skype Credit can be topped up. This is worthwhile. Because with Skype, the user has the opportunity to call contacts from all over the world many times cheaper than with the conventional landline or mobile network.

The numerous functions offer the user a personalized, comfortable way to communicate. He can use all this both for private life and for the working environment: for work colleagues and teamwork, for keeping in touch with friends and family. And there it is also very advantageous that photos, videos and audio recordings can be sent with Skype.

Résumé des notes de Skype pour iPhone
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Avantages / Désavantages
  • 1. the app offers a cheap telephony worldwide to mobile and landline.
  • 2. free Skype-to-Skype communication is possible through the iOS app.
  • 3. one can talk with many other Skype users at the same time and hold video conferences and meetings with this app. Therefore, it is also great for businesses.
  • 1. for the free calls, the other party must also have Skype installed and use it.
  • 2. a stable internet connection is required for the conversations.
  • 3. the group chat is limited to 50 participants.

Comment installer et désinstaller / supprimer des applications sur iOS (similaire pour iPhone et autres appareils):

Installer une application:
1. Téléchargez simplement l'application souhaitée: entrez dans l'App Store depuis l'écran d'accueil.
2. Si ce n'est pas déjà fait, vous devez vous connecter avec votre identifiant Apple ou vous devez en créer un à cette étape.
3. Choisissez dans le menu en bas de l'écran si vous souhaitez rechercher des applications ou des jeux.
4. Faites défiler l'Appstore ou recherchez manuellement une application spécifique par son nom.
5. Appuyez simplement sur l'application de votre choix et appuyez ensuite sur "OBTENIR" et "INSTALLER".

1. Si l'application choisie n'est pas gratuite et doit être payée, vous verrez le prix et pouvez appuyer sur «ACHETER».
2. Si vous possédez un iPhone avec Face ID et que vous l'utilisez, vous devez appuyer deux fois sur le bouton sur le côté droit de votre téléphone et l'authentification via Face-ID commencera. Si vous n'utilisez pas Face-ID, vous devrez entrer votre mot de passe Apple-ID.

Désinstaller / supprimer une application:
1. Toutes les applications peuvent être simplement supprimées en touchant et en maintenant l'icône de l'application elle-même sur l'écran d'accueil.
2. Lorsque l'icône de l'application commence à «trembler», vous devez appuyer sur l'icône x de chaque application que vous essayez de supprimer. Sélectionnez ensuite "SUPPRIMER".
3. Une fois que vous avez terminé de supprimer les applications dont vous n'avez plus besoin, appuyez sur "TERMINÉ" ou appuyez sur le bouton d'accueil (dépend de votre type d'appareil).
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