Fortnite vs. PUBG-Which Is The Better Battle Royale Game?

Branda Klein 2020-08-10

At any one time, over 5 million video game players are enjoying PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or Fortnite Battle Royale making them a full-blown sensation. With this epidemic of these two games, some people would wonder which one to purchase.

 It can be difficult to declare which game is better even though some aspects may be superior in one game over the other. If you are a serious battle royale gamer, you probably have at least tried both games. However, most serious players pick one and work to be on top.

 Personal taste is the key to choosing one of these games over the other. So, to be able to tell you which one is better, let’s look over some of the features of each one.

Fortnite vs. PUBG

Fortnite Battle Royale could be called a clear PUBG imitation in the beginning. This fact makes these two games share some fundamental commonalities. However, Fortnite slowly gathered a fort-building system and received a barrage of updates.

With these updates, Fortnite has increasing evolved into much more fast-paced and experimental gameplay. With the building system, you can choose to use your pickax to collect materials to put up walls, ceiling, and other items as well as aiming and shooting a specialized gun.

Shooting is an important skill set for battle royale games, but with Fortnite, you must have a broader skill set. When this game begins, 100 players on dropped on an island from a party bus suspended from a balloon.

As the balloon travels the map in a straight line, players can jump out at any time. Most players aim for one of the named locations on the island. Once the player lands on the ground, he or she will need to find weapons, shields, items for health, and other resources immediately.

As play continues, a storm will develop on random sections of the map. This storm continues to make the island smaller and smaller. This reduction of space forces players closer together until they have no choice but to fight.

PlayerUnKnown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) can be created as the first battle royale game to become a full-blown sensation. Brendan Greene, who proclaims himself as the creator of battle royale genre, is the creator PUBG. This game is much slower-paced than Fortnite.

It is also more realistic than Fortnite. PUBG can almost be considered a complete military sim. With a variety of game and map modes, this game is a steal at $30. As with Fortnite, 100 players can join in the game over a massive expanse of terrain.

As a round begins, all players are in a plane that flies the map. A player has a choice in where they would like to start to play. As with Fortnite, once the player lands, he or she must scavenge for weapons and other resources. Instead of a storm, PUBG has a blue circle that tightens the play area.


Fortnite utilizes the same basic modes of PUBG in its official and custom games. Solo mode makes the game a 1 versus 99 game. Duos allow partners to form where you fight against teams of two. Squad mode enables a group of four to unite against other groups of four.

Fortnite allows Solo players to queue into Duos or Squads if the player has the right goods. The only perspective in Fortnite is third-person. Every two or three weeks a new game mode is available. These new games modes are typically a temporary mode.

PUBG incorporates a variety of modes across its official and custom games. When playing ranked play, you can play solo, duos, squad, or as a solo versus a squad. With PUBG, it is possible to create a team with strangers.

With PUBG, you can also choose between first-person perspective and third person perspective. You can choose to be in the third person but change to the first person to make precision shots.


In the past year, Fortnite has gained two new vehicles. One of these new vehicles is the shopping cart. This cart was built for two people where one player pushes the cart while another rides in the cart. This situation allows the player in the basket to create ramps to increase speed and fly across the map.

The Mario Kart style All Terrain Karts are the only motorized vehicles in the Fortnite game. These karts have the capacity for four players and can power slide for a speed boost.

PUBG has a much more extensive selection of vehicles to traverse the large maps. These vehicles use gas which can be challenging to find. However, these types of cars are precious when a quick getaway is necessary.

Most of these vehicles can carry a passenger who can shoot at enemies as another player is driving.


Fortnite has only one map to choose from at this time. This map is about ¼ the size of PUBG’s smallest 4x4 km map. Fortnite’s map includes a hilly and green, desert biome, forest, city park, and city buildings area. It has about 20 named locations making the map dense and always changing.

PUBG has many more maps available. Each of the environments requires different tactics to be successful. This fact removes the ever stale taste of many other video games. Some of the most popular maps include Erangel, Miranmar, and Sanhok. Erangel is a Russian inspired island that includes forest, city, farm, and swamp areas. Miranmar was based on the Mexican desert with wide open spaces. Sanhok is the newest PUBG map and depletes a tropical jungle island.


When comparing these two games, performance should be considered. If a player cannot stay connected, they will leave the battle royale game without a desire to return. In this regard, PUBG is deemed to be plagued with more issues than Fortnite. 

This statement does not mean PUBG will not work correctly on a PC, console, or phone. It says that it has bugs while Fortnite has ironed out most of its flaws. 

As players decide which can to choose, it will probably come down to the taste of the player. The above features are just a few of the fantastic options available for these two games. 

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