The Battle Royale Concept

Einstein 2020-08-29

With the current success of battle royale games, many developers are jumping into the craze to try to find the next great game. One of the hottest game modes of all time brings together a multitude of players to battle it out for the top spot.

 Both PUBA and Fortnite have turned the battle royale mode into a cultural phenomenon. Some may still not understand why this concept is the new trend, so let’s explore it some more.

Defining Battle Royale

Simply, the battle royale is a giant free-for-all fight game where the goal is to be the last player standing. When you play a battle royale game, you only get one life. You must find, build, steal, etc. any weapons while staying at least one step ahead of everyone else.

Each battle royale has unique elements special to it. However, the overall framework is the same. The game has one map, a massive amount of players, weapons or other gear to locate, and the battle area continues to shrink to make players face-off or force them into more intense situations.

Many of these types of games also offer a variety of exciting encounters that can be highly satisfying. However, the primary goal is to be the last one standing so that you can win the game. This mode of gameplay can be traced to Battle Royale which is a Japanese novel with a film adaptation.

Koushur Takami wrote the novel. The setting is a dystopian-future Japan. This futuristic Japan has a government that hosts a battle royale competition each year. This yearly battle is used to control the population and stifle the unrest growing in the young citizens of the country.

In the novel, a bunch of junior-high students is taken to a 10km island. Each of these students has a bomb collar that will detonate to discourage any chance of escape. The students are then forced to fight each other to death by finding any available objects.

As time passes with these junior high students on the island, forbidden zones begin to pop up around the island. These zones force the students closer together which encourages more confrontations. The film adaptation is similar to the novel.

The hyper-stylized way the film portrays violence softens this morbid premise. The incredibly intense moments in the movie are a direct result of one of three reasons. The school child showed an apparent lack of judgment or poor judgment altogether.

Another reason is a lack of resources or equipment. Finally, the most common reason a player dies is misplaced faith in the player’s abilities. If this film sounds familiar, you have probably watched the Hunger Games which is the western version of this eastern film.

PUBG - Famous Battle Royale Game
Beginning of Battle Royale Games

Multiplayer and other unique game modes were founded in PC gaming. These modes became the foundation for a multitude of other PC and console games. In the 1990s, the multiplayer deathmatch was popular. The battle royale format functions similar to these early games.

Moding for PC games became more accessible over the years. This accessibility came about mostly because of an increase in the availability of developer tools and resourceful users. Communities based online were able to use these developer tools to craft various experiences.

Fans created games like “Counter-Strike” and “League of Legends” from games like “Half-life” and “WarCraft III.” These games were extremely desired which lead to a response from the core developers. These types of player mods have had a significant impact on video games.

When looking over the last twenty years, the five most popular games were developed by player mods. Moding gives players freedom that has not been available in the history of gaming. When Hunger Games was released in 2010, Minecraft was growing in popularity.

As Minecraft grew, its creation tools were expanded. An older group of players used these creation tools to focus on mods known as Hunger Games. These mods are now called Survival Games. These Survival Games became a form of the Battle Royale games you find today.

Top 8 Battle Royale Games 

Fortnite Battle Royale 

When it comes to accessibility and recognition, Fortnite Battle Royale does not have an equal. This game is a spin-off from the original Fortnite and can be played on a wide array of platforms. The distinctive graphics are cartoony but enjoyable to the eye. 

It will take some players time to learn the complex building mechanics involved in this game. Fortnite Battle Royale is definitely at the top of games that could be called a cultural phenomenon. 

Battlefield vs. Firestorm 

This game is new, and many have not even experienced it yet. However, according to information from the developer, the Firestorm experience should be thrilling. It has Battlefield’s signature elements but will focus on squad-based play. 

The WWII setting and highly destructible environments give this game an edge over other battle royale games. 

Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Blackout 

This battle royale game introduces a limited time mode referred to as “Down But Not Out.” For the first time, this mode presents respawning to Blackout. Each time the circle resets, players in the game are allowed to respawn. 

However, at least one member of the team must be alive for the rest of the team to be able to utilize this benefit. When a player does respawn, he or she is given a minimal basic loadout. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 

This game is also referred to as PUBG. Some individuals would argue that this game is the ultimate battle royale concept. This game offers a variety of features. These features include three maps, integration of battle-eye, character customization, and weapon customization. 

This game requires the user to find weapons and avoid danger. These items make the key to winning this battle royale a combination of skills and strategy. 


Egress requires you to choose your unique hero with a specific skill set. The game showcases a multi-level city. In this city, the player can explore sewer tunnels, clinics, pubs, shops, homes, and much more. 

This game combines three distinct styles: Victorian, Mythology from Lovecraft, and what is referred to as Electro-punk. Egress has an incredibly elaborate combat system. This system is based on attacks and dodges. 

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds 

This game was released as a joke making fun at the battle royale concept. Ironically, it has become one of the most popular battle royale games. This explosion on the game scene can be contributed to three main attributes. 

At $5, this game is one of the cheapest available. The next one is the enormous choice of weapons. This arsenal can satisfy any need. Finally, people are drawn to this game because of its exaggerated physics system. 

Ring of Elysium 

This game comes from the Chinese giant Tencent. Some of the most exciting aspects of this fantastic battle royale game include a free trial on F2P to give you a chance to play before purchasing. A snowy mountain setting with the ability to snowboard is another aspect that makes this game fabulous. 

At the end, the twist is the final few players are encouraged to escape together in a multi-seat rescue helicopter. 


Maelstrom means a strong whirlpool in the ocean or a river. Gunpowder Games definitely based this game on this concept. The game gives the player control over his or her own ship. The user must then fight it out in the 15-player naval conflicts. 

This pirate-themed fantasy game gives you the option of choosing between vessels crafted by Dwarfs, Orcs, or Humans. 



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