Top Reasons Why The Sims Games Have Been So Successful For So Long

Branda Klein 2020-02-10

The first series of the Sims was first released in February of 2000 and 19 years later is still one of the most enjoyed video games available on the market. Gamers can experience the ultimate real life-simulation in any of The Sims games. Since 2000, over 200 million copies of the game series has sold. Some people would even say that The Sims in the pioneer of sandbox gaming.

What causes this video game to be so successful over such a long period. The answer to that question includes The Sims characters, being able to build houses, the expansion packs available, pre-made characters, and the concept of real-life simulation.

History of the Sims

Create-A-Sims Characters

Creating a Sims character is probably the best part of this iconic game. These characters are referred to as the Sims and one of the first steps when playing the game is to create your own. Pre-made characters are also part of the game. These types of characters will be discussed later in this article.

One of the most enjoyable elements to The Sims game is creating your own Sims. As a player, you can choose the basics such as the name, age, and gender of your character. When deciding the age of your character, he or she can be a toddler (2-6), child (7-12), teenager (13-17), young adult (18-31), adult (32-60) or an elder (over 61). These options contribute to the popularity of the game.

As new series were released over the years, you gained the ability to choose supernatural types such as vampires and werewolves. You also earned the option of choosing between six primary skin tone colors. Each of these tones has a slider to allow the player to lighten or darken that Sim’s skin tone.

It is also possible to decide the character’s outfit and personality traits. This ability to create a customized human being or a family makes The Sims an excellent video game. It gives the players a fantastic sense of freedom by allowing them to create their ideal, perfect human. This amount of power cannot be found on many other games.

Building A Home

After you have created your Sims characters, you have the option to build and decorate your unique home. This step is one of the most creative phases in the game and one of the most appealing aspects. When creating a home in the later series, you have three options.

The first option is to choose an already made home and place it on a pre-made lot. You can also use pre-made rooms to create a house. The final option is to build or create everything from scratch. When using the pre-made rooms, you have a few options. However, when you create from scratch, you can let your imagination run wild.

Even though this dream home is fictional, you will still be excited about building it. You will also have a keen sense of accomplishment when you finish your home. It is incredibly gratifying to splurge on the over-the-top items for your fictional home.

You can choose doors, wall covering, floor layouts, etc. These options are similar to real life options when building a home. In some in cases, money is not a concern within the game. You have a tremendous amount of freedom that you cannot experience in real life.

If you want a swimming pool on the top of your garage, it is possible within the game. If you have access to get-rich-quick cheat codes, you can have anything your heart desires. A hefty Sims pay-check can also help to achieve these desires.

Expansion Packs Available

Another appealing aspect of this video game is the availability of expansion packs. Each Sims series has a variety of available expansion packs. These packs allow the player to explore new elements of life. These elements include items such as career paths and relationships. These new paths were not available in the released initially video game.

The Sims offers seven available expansion packs. One of these packs is called ‘Hot Date.’ With this expansion pack, the player can explore a brand new downtown area. It also gives you a variety of other unique items for your household.

Eight expansion packs are available for Sims 2, 11 for Sims 3, and six for Sims 4. Each new release of expansion packs has become more elaborate. Players can now purchase cars, adopt pets, and even go to college within the game.

Each released Sims series also has the option of installing stuff packs. These stuff packs give the player special features to enjoy during his or her gaming experience. The packages give you the opportunity to explore updated outfits and other household items. They also include options to appreciate seasonal holidays like Christmas and Halloween.

Pre-Made Characters

It could be said that one of the most underrated aspects of the Sims series is the pre-made characters. Many of these characters come with amazing back stories to enhance the gaming experience. The biggest problem is that most players are too focused on their own created Sims to explore these stories.

One of the most famous pre-made Sims family is the Goth family. Bella and Mortimer Goth have two fabulous children Cassandra and Alexander. Cornelia and Gunther (Mortimer’s parents) are also involved with this genuinely Goth family.

The Goth family appears in all of the games since their first appearance in The Sims. They live in a medium house with a massive graveyard. In Sims 2, the Goth family has become rich and live in a much more beautiful home. Sims 3 shows Mortimer as a child being raised by Cornelia and Gunther.

In Sims 2 when Bella Goth disappears, the Caliente family is introduced. The Caliente family consists of twin sisters Dina and Nina. This family only appears in Sims 2 but are memorable due to Dina’s incredible interest in the wealthy Mortimer.

You can meet the Pleasant family in The Sims. Jeff and Diane have a daughter (Jennifer) and a son (Daniel). In the Sims, Daniel in a child but in Sims 2, Daniel is married to Mary-Sue and has two daughters, Angela and Lilith.

You will also note that Daniel is having an affair with the maid. These soap opera storylines make these pre-made characters fantastic.

The Concept of Real Life Simulation

Real Life Simulation
The final aspect of how The Sims continues to be popular and successful is the idea of life simulation. Some people cannot truly understand the appeal of living out everyday life in a video game. However, it can be argued that The Sims has been so successful due to this fact. 

This game series gives you the capability of creating a life that you most want. It also requires you to establish relationships, raise children, go to work, etc. to be able to fulfill a variety of needs and aspirations. These needs and expectations may be a reflection your real desires. 

This unique aspect of the game allows the player to experience a relatable experience. It does not matter if you agree with these five reasons for The Sims success as long as you can agree that The Sims series is one of the best video games available on the market today. 

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