What makes Minecraft so special?

Einstein 2020-08-03

When the game begins, you are on a deserted island all alone. You must collect items such as wood, stone, and sand. With these items, you must make tools and build some type of shelter. After these items are complete, you must begin to hunt the native pigs and collect fruit to feed yourself.

During these events, you must fight off monsters in the dark. The entire world and everything in it are created by using cube-shaped blocks. You must actually play Minecraft to understand the uniqueness of it genuinely.

Minecraft is a build and survive, tech success video game. Markus Persson is the programmer behind this wildly popular game that was created in 2009. This game was almost exclusively advertised by word of mouth in the beginning.

It now has gathered over 100 million users. In 2016, Microsoft purchased the game for $2.5 billion. Children, teens, and adults from all areas of life have been talking about this fabulous game. What makes Minecraft so unique? Creativity, real-world skills, accessibility, suitability, and fun for all ages are the unique qualities of this game that make it so special.


As previously stated, the entire island in Minecraft is made from cubes. Mud, grass, coal, water, clouds, and even the sun are all made of Lego-type cubes. Even your avatar is extremely blocky. These blocks give the world a surreal type of beauty.

One of the best benefits of this fact is it gives you the ability to dig, chop, and cut any part of the landscape. This process allows you to gather the resources that the countryside offers. For example, if you dig up a block of mud, you get mud. If you chop a branch, you get wood.

After collecting materials, you can use them to build homes, walls, towers, sheep cannons, and anything else you can imagine. This process can become magical when you reshape the world around you by removing or adding mountains, raising platforms, carving out valleys, etc.

This beauty and order emerging from chaos is a significant lure for playing Minecraft. This Lego style design also gives the same creative feeling as regular Legos. You can spend hours creating a model and then taking it down to create something entirely different.

However, Minecraft allows this without the price tag of Legos. It also removes the possibility of stepping on a loose Lego piece. The game also allows you to combine the materials into recipes to design amazingly advanced items.

Many players have spent the time to create staggering builds. These builds include a variety of items ranging from intricate skyscrapers to entire countries to everything in between. Minecraft also offers ‘mods’ that gives players more advanced things like robots and other real-world high-tech materials. This freedom of creativity is one of the most intriguing aspects making Minecraft so special.

Real-World Skills

Some experts would say that people are drawn to Minecraft because people love to put things together and then pull them apart. You can be as realistic or as abstract as you want. This ability enables people to express their personalities while exercising their imaginations.

However, one of the best overlooked benefits of Minecraft and other strategy-based games is the real-world skills and resource management requirement. Each player has a limited amount of resources at one time which means he or she must use these resources wisely to be the most effective.

For example, you must decide whether to use the wood block now to upgrade your ax or save it for your home. Either choice has both advantages and disadvantages. This game also teaches cost-benefit analysis. As you play the game, you have to figure out when to save and when to spend your money.

Another example of real-world skills learned while playing Minecraft is patience. Every resource that must be assembled takes time, so instant gratification is impossible. Patience is always necessary when you are saving for big-ticket items.

This game also helps to emphasize the need for perseverance. Many times when building in the game, the structure will collapse under its own weight. To be successful, the player must recognize mistakes and start again.

Teamwork is another skill taught while playing the game. You can play the game solo, but it has online options. You can team up with others from around the world and make extraordinary things. Unfortunately, Minecraft can also teach you how to handle those who do not play nice.

If your children play Minecraft, it is possible to set up a dedicated server to eliminate these types of people. This server also allows you to set up the rules for play. Minecraft incorporating all of these real-world skills makes it special.


Minecraft is an excellent example of the sandbox game concept. Even though exploring and crafting buildings can be surprising and compelling, you can push the limits when using the construction tools. If you are talented, it is possible to create full-scale modes of Hogwarts or even the USS Enterprise.

It is possible to build just about anything you can conceive. All of these fantastic benefits and other items can be reached just about anywhere you can imagine also. Many video games can only be accessed on particular systems or need various pieces of hardware to run.

Minecraft can be accessed on a variety of devices including computers, tablets, phones, consoles, handheld systems, and many more. This fact means that you can purchase an inexpensive device or use a hand me down unit and begin playing right away.

It also allows you to play the game on your iPhone or another smartphone while waiting for appointments or traveling. This amazing accessibility is another reason Minecraft is such a special game.

Minecraft is special in any way

When allowing your children to play video games, you must be aware of a variety of hazards. One of the biggest complaints about video games is the amount of violence involved with gameplay. In older games, the violence was evident but the graphics of the time made this violence seem very cartoonish and crude.

In many of today’s video games, the detailed and life-like violence can traumatize your child. At first, it may seem that Minecraft does not have violence involved, but that would be incorrect. The game does have some elements associated with fighting.

Minecraft has a variety of nasties that try to kill you such as monsters, spiders, skeletons, zombies, and creepers. It is vital to mention that these nasties are made of the same Lego-type blocks. They are bloodless, unlike some other video games.

It is also possible to put Minecraft into what the creators call ‘peaceful’ mode. This mode is the most relaxed setting and will turn off the nasties. This mode also makes it impossible to die. This fact enables the player to build and explore without interruption. This suitability for all ages makes Minecraft special.

Fun for All 

The last quality that makes Minecraft so special is the game’s ability to be fun for the entire family. Sometimes, it is almost impossible for parents and kids to enjoy the same game. It is an excellent quality time even when parents find a game they can play with their children. 

This interaction enables the parent to monitor the game, help the child to learn to be a good sport and to shut the game off if a meltdown happens. One way to enjoy Minecraft with family members is to sit next to each other while one plays and the others offer advice. 

You can also create a character, get on another available device, and join the game. It is even possible to have a family Minecraft night where each member uses a different mechanism to work together on a fantastic in-game project. 

As you can see, all of these fantastic qualities make Minecraft so special which makes it one of history’s most popular games. 



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