Why Does Everyone Want To Play Fortnite?

Einstein 2020-08-08

Mainstream media has declared Fortnite one of the hottest games on the planet. With millions of fans of all ages and colors, Fortnite could be referred to as a cultural phenomenon. Many game developers have analyzed the game looking for the reasons behind its tremendous success. However, it is possible to identify a variety of reasons why everyone wants to play this game by playing the game.

Reason 1: Cost

One reason for the popularity of Fortnite is the cost to play. If you do it right, Fortnite is entirely free to play. Most free games have a variation of a paywall. This paywall is typically at a spot in the game that makes you feel you need to pay to get a better experience.

Fortnite’s entire core gameplay is entirely out in the open and has nothing hidden behind a paywall. If a person wants to send money in the game, it is spent on cosmetics items. You have the option to change your appearance in a variety of ways such as looking like the Easter Bunny, a leprechaun, John Wick, or the Raven.

All of these items require money, but you can still play like a Ninja without spending a penny. The creator is still making money because most people decide to purchase the skins. A Battle Pass and V Bucks can also be purchased.

If you want to purchase PUBG, you will have to spend around $30, but Fortnite has a 100 player battle royale game experience that is free. This fact means you do not have to pay extra for a battle royale experience. So, without spending any money, you can get the full Fortnite game experience. This idea of a free game is exceptionally alluring to the younger crowd.

Reason #2:

Fortnite is a fun game to play, but a variety of items make it enjoyable. One of the top things is personal design. The game gives a blank slate to allow the development of vivid personal stories. The stories are so personal it is easy to get lost in the adventures and travails of the avatar.

It is incredible that every time the bus flies over the island, a hundred unique and personal stories begin. These stories can be as simple as opening the door and getting blown apart with a shotgun to the more elaborate and textured detailed stories.

Another significant aspect of Fortnite is you can get a sense of personal achievement without actually winning the game. Some players' primary goal is to get into the top five. Other players have the purpose of finding the sniper rifle and taking out as many enemies as possible before being discovered.

Some individuals would say that the possibility to sit with family members and take turns playing makes this the best battle royale game on the market.

Reason #3: Cross-Platform

If you enjoy playing video games with other members of your family, Fortnite is an excellent choice for you. This game allows multiple players from multiple devices. Some would even say it is one of the top examples of fabulous cross-platform play.

Sony probably is behind the restriction of playing Xbox vs. PlayStation 4, but Fortnite can be played iPhone versus console vs. PC and vice- versa. This option is an opt-in one where you cannot choose to play with iPhone users from a PC.

However, it is viable that a match could be played with a friend or family member on an iPhone, while another friend is on an Xbox, and you are on your PC. This idea sounds great until the person on the iPhone gets demolished by the payer on a PC.

The iPhone players have a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the Fortnite experience. This ability of cross-platform play tries to leave no one out. If Sony ever decides to join the fun, it would then become a massive all-inclusive battle royale.

Reason #4: Design

Every time an elimination happens in Fortnite, it produces a loot drop from the defeated enemy that is hugely satisfying. When you want to experiment or specialize, Fortnite has a wide array of expertly designed gadgets, and weapons are available.

Many players are happy to find a mobile bush or get a high powered rifle, but if you get both, you knock it out of the park. At first glance, it may seem you only need amazing shooter skills or the ability to utilize the environment sight lines to shoot an enemy.

However, Fortnite also requires the player to make use of the surrounding environment. For example, Using the geography of the island as a way to protect yourself and advance on your enemy can become a type of tactical game.

The entire map of Fortnite is a rolling buffet of various environments. These environments include buildings and open meadows to explore as you hunt your opponents. These environments are cartoony but still incredibly pretty and welcoming when compared to other multiplayer shooting experiences.

Fortnite also has a complete lack of gore and corpses making it an excellent choice for children and parents.

Reason #5: Stealth

Fortnite is a unique online game in that you can utilize a variety of multiple player skills. These skills are optional but can be extremely useful. The basic idea of Fortnite is to shoot people. However, most players most of the time are not firing.

It benefits a player to take advantage of being hidden. Fortnite is an excellent stealth game which enables you to creep through the game to the end without firing a shot. If you can be sneaky enough, you can explore the world and find a variety of objects without being detected.

These objects include items such as hide-y holes, sniper positions, and most critical loot chests. You gather these resources and then use them to build towers. It is easy to understand the building mechanic, but it can take time to master the process.

This building process separates the excellent players from the others, but it does not make the game tedious if you decide not to build. This building ability also allows the player to be incredibly creative. When two players that are fort-builders battle, it can lead to interesting tactically complex endgames.

As a viewer, you may be utterly delighted with the clever strategies revealed during these battles.

Reason #6: Bonuses 

The final reason everyone wants to play Fortnite is that Epic continues to release various entertaining timed events and new modes which keeps the game fresh and new to the loyal players. The source of monetization for Epic is in personalization and progression instead of within the game. 

Many players will purchase this or that package, but it is not necessary for full game experience. If you search within the game, you can find a variety of free bonuses to keep you interested. It is an epic experience when you find the multicolored llama that yields a massive amount of loot. 

All of the cultural icons used in memes and other live streams are also available free of charge. Another fantastic bonus is the lack of players misbehaving in the social environment. The ‘loser dance’ provides comic relief that is not evident in other online games. 

The creators of Fortnite are continuously trying to discover new ways for users to interact and enjoy the environment. These six reasons make everyone want to experience truly unique gameplay for themselves. 



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